Dealing with Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety and fear has become endemic in our modern society for so many. Buddhist meditation techniques such as mindfulness have been proven scientifically to help alleviate these conditions. On this page we offer meditations whose aim is to address anxiety and disturbing emotions such as fear.

Discover how to cultivate positive emotions and transform everyday challenges into more realistic and peaceful experiences. FPMT nun, Venerable Amy Miller has been teaching meditation for decades.

Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, Mingyur Rinpoche used meditation to overcome his crippling panic attacks when he was young. Here Mingyur Rinpoche guides us through an 8 minute meditation to transform anxiety.

This guided meditation invites us to identify a situation where we habitually become anxious or fearful, and then to explore bringing self-compassion to where we feel most vulnerable. Tara Brach isa psychologist who utilises a Buddhist approach in her practice. 

Geshe Thubten Sherab, FPMT Buddhist master, delivers this short yet effective practice to transform your daily life from problems and difficulties into one of courage, satisfaction and peace. It includes a guided meditation 50 minutes into the video.

This guided meditation focuses on calming the body and mind. Jack Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, India, and Burma. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has taught internationally since 1974. He is the author of 16 books.

Venerable Robina Courtin has a worldwide reputation as a dynamic Buddhist teacher. She specialises in sharing her knowledge of Buddhist psychology in Western terms. In this teaching she deconstructs the mental components of fear, and how to deal with it.

In this short video, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche talks about his experiences using meditation to deal with panic and anxiety as a child.

Mingyur Rinpoche shares his story of how he used meditation to overcome his crippling panic attacks when he was young.

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