Letting Go and Starting Afresh – Vajrasattva retreat

26 December 2021 @ 12:00PM 31 December 2021 @ 12:00PM Brisbane

2021 has been a year of significant challenges for most people. Vajrasattva is a purification practice, common to all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The practice is done in conjunction with visualization, recitation of mantras and the application of the four opponent powers of purification (the skillfully applied powers of regret, reliance, the antidote and commitment).

According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the spiritual head of Chenrezig Institute: ‘Vajrasattva practice is so important generally, and especially nowadays in the world , when there is not only global warming and many other problems. There are so many other dangers of war and sickness, cancer and covid and so many people you know are dying. There are so many illnesses and other conditions for dying.’

This retreat, led by Venerable Tony, connects Christmas with the new year and offers an opportunity to relate to these days in the wisest and most healthy way so as complete the year well and start the new year with an altruistic mind.

Explanation of the Buddhist path will be given including how to lessen our disturbing states of mind, the source of so many of our unskillful actions. There will also be time set aside for question and answer. Some experience of deity meditation is preferable but not essential.