Pom Pom the Dog Survives being Sucked up by Tornado

Pom Pom the Dog Survives Being Sucked up by Tornado

A tiny Pomeranian named Pom Pom has miraculously survived being swallowed by a tornado and flung 300metres from her home.

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Along with the damaging winds and horizontal rain, terrified residents also reported large hailstones as the tornado swept through the community of Meadow Flat, near Lithgow and the Blue Mountains. 

Pom Pom was lifted off the ground by the powerful winds and spun in circles 20 metres in the air before ending up in a nearby paddock, the ABC reported. The little dog was left with a punctured lung and multiple broken ribs with her devastated owners assuming they had lost her among the chaos. 

‘We gave up on Pom,’ Mr McKinnon admitted. 

Things weren’t looking good for the canine after her kennel was nowhere to be found and her blanket spotted 30 metres up a pine tree. Pom Pom the Pomeranian weighs 1.5 kilograms and her owners say she stood little chance of staying on the ground in the storm, which ripped off roofs and demolished houses. 

Her owner, Scott McKinnon, had his house at Meadow Flat, near Lithgow, flattened in what he described as the most destructive 30 seconds of his life. 

The 115kg tree lopper and world record-holding coal shoveller clung onto the kitchen bench for his life as the tornado struck. Once back on his feet, Mr McKinnon saw outside the window what he described was “like a scene out of the Wizard Of Oz”.

Pom Pom was in the air — along with some of the neighbour’s cows — spinning about 20 metres high alongside debris. 

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It was only when they heard a bark in the distance they realised that she was holding on. 

After two weeks of recovery at the local vet, Pom Pom will keep resting up at her owner’s dad’s home until the McKinnons can rebuild. 

Keeping Pom Pom still has proven hard — you’d be unable to tell she’d had a traumatic brush with a tornado. 

“She’s 100 miles an hour all the time, up-down, up-down,” Mr McKinnon said. “We can’t work it out. She’s only the size of a big rat and she survived,” he said.

Source: ABC News

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