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Compassion practices

Loving kindness practices

Mindfulness practices

Deity practices

Overcoming fear practices

We offer specific materials above that we have curated on the popular topics of loving-kindness, compassion, mindfulness, overcoming fear and deity practices.

At this difficult and painful time in the world, there is much that is available online for the student interested in Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. We have gathered other diverse resources that we felt might be helpful to people in lockdown, those who might be feeling isolated, or those needing inspiration and spiritual nourishment.

‘The best way to activate positive emotion circuits in the brain is through generosity. This is really a kind of exciting neuroscientific finding because there are pearls of wisdom in the contemplative tradition – the Dalai Lama frequently talks about this – that the best way for us to be happy is to be generous to others.’
Richard Davison, neuroscientist and founder of the Centre for Investigating Healthy Minds at University of Wisconsin, Madison



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We welcome back Geshe Sherab who has returned to virtually teach in Australia.

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