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Khandro-la Rinpoche: her life and teachings
We have been fortunate indeed to have had Khandro-la Rinpoche livestream teachings in 2021. A video recording of Khandro-la’s teaching of June 13th 2021 is available. Stay up to date with other important information on Khadro-la’s schedule. Khadro-la has been recognised by His Holiness as an Oracle and protector. Lama Zopa Rinpoche is particularly close to Khandro-la, and has spoken about her remarkable life and actions.

Khadro-la, The State Oracle of Tibet, on Meditation, Dealing with Aggression and Bodhicitta.
Thrive Global published an interview given to the journalist and writer, Natalie Pace, in 2018, where Khadro la answered questions about grief, aggression and emotions and how to deal with them.