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Khadro-la teaching for the Meridian Trust

Khandro-la Rinpoche: her life and teachings

We have been fortunate indeed to have had Khandro-la Rinpoche livestream teachings this year. The link here takes you to the recording of Khandro-la’s teaching of June 13th 2021. Khandro-la’s Q and A teaching of July 18th 2021 will be available soon. Stay up to date with how to access the Zoom link for this upcoming teaching and other important information here. Khadro-la has been recognised by His Holiness as an Oracle and protector. To read more about her incredible life in Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s words visit this link.

The ultimate conclusion is to practice the good heart. This is the best Dharma. With the good heart everything happens, especially enlightenment—the total cessation of all the obscurations and completion of all the realizations—not only to achieve enlightenment, but to free the numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsara sufferings and to bring them to enlightenment.

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We welcome back Geshe Sherab who has returned to virtually teach in Australia.

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