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Prayers for Ukraine advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
You can upload the Guru Bhumtsok text HERE which contains all the prayers used by Geshe Zopa in special prayers at Sunday Lojong 27th February. These have been recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to help pray for peace in the war in Ukraine. Lama Zopa recommended the following specific Padmasambhava prayers for Ukraine:

The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche that Spontaneously Fulfills All Wishes (Sampa Lhundrupma) pages 4 to 9 of the Prayer Book.
The Supplication to Guru Rinpoche Clearing the Obstacles on the Path (Barchey Lamsel) can be found on pages 29 to 59.

In addition, the Prayer for Protection from Warfare (page 10), the Prayer for Protection from Weapons and Persecution (page 18 ), and the Prayer for Protection From Natural Disasters (page 16 ) were also recited in the Sunday practice.

The YouTube stream begins below at the Guru Rinpoche prayers and practice recited and chanted by Geshe Zopa. The practice finishes at 35:38 with the dedication prayers. Following that Geshela continues his Mind Training teachings finished by special dedications.

Liberating Animals from Death practice

Liberating Animals from Death Practice
At the request of our dear Russian brothers and sisters, Geshe Tenzin Zopa led a powerful lung transmission of the Liberating Animals practice on Saturday 26th February. He included guided Mother Tara and Chenrezig meditations, and all students prayed for all those suffering from war and fear, those who had died. Check out the YouTube event.

Medicine Buddha Practice

Geshe Tenzin Zopa led a very special Medicine Buddha healing practice, of such great necessity now, given the urgent situation with COVID and illness affecting our international community of students, and people, animals and beings everywhere.

This particular practice came about following Geshela hearing about the great suffering happening with Russia at present. The practice was livestreamed HERE. The Medicine Buddha sadhana that Geshela used can be downloaded below. Below that are the names of the human beings and animals that were included in the dedications. It would be appreciated if students continue to include them in their prayers.

Names of those included in the prayer dedications

Jeannie Chan (lymphoma)
Thubten Monlam
Peggy & Bert Basch (old age suffering of confusion)
Cui Yuanquing
Zhang Heng
Li Binxu
Wei Chun
Rachel Tang (cancer)
Wu Licheng Xiuzhen’s family
Kwang Jee Boay who passed away on 02-02-2022 to have a precious human rebirth quickly
Newborn baby Magnus Nielson who is back in hospital with blood disorder
Max Salner (in hospital after coma) 
Christina Russo whose body wracked with pain ever since operation went wrong Oct 2018 and now very depressed as well
Ven Phuntsok was in last year of Geshe exams but experienced a number of brain tumours and is in coma
Little old dog, Crumpet, who died recently and Russian cat Mussya who died, as well as Maisie the old cat who died
May this practice also help pacify the conflict in Ukraine
Pek Eng Chuan, who passed away on 28 January 2022
Janene Theol, who has Multiple Sclerosis
Carmel Gold – Lupis and other illnesses
Chris Gold (recovering from cancer)
Chris Price (cancer)
David Hynd (cancer)
Betty Hynd
Dimitry’s mother, Anastasia, who has Alzheimer’s and is in her last days
Ven Sangmo, Altay nun, with COVID and Ven Emile having health obstacles in his retreat
Beck Yew Sim who recently passed away
Prayers requested also for dear Trent Bassman’s colleagues – the nurses, doctors, front line workers
Margaret Price (mobility, heart)
Annette Michaux (breast cancer)
Michelle Mohn who is recovering from many surgeries and who is fighting cancer
Eunice SYL’s mother, Koh Ah Lan, and aged clients who are suffering from illness
Anna Westerinen’s mother Anna – very sick, and Nina Westerinen, her sister, who is in pain
Megan’s mother, Clare Phillips who has dementia, and everyone suffering with dementia and mental illness
Rachel who has cancer and serious lung infection
Nerida McCarthy
Karen McCarthy
Judy Wagner
Noel Glasson (bladder cancer)
Ian Sinclair who died
Nikki Roberts
Natalie Speed
Ray Roberts
Helena Roberts
Luke Roberts.
Trudi Nicholas
Ben McKenzie
Anastasia Popova
Dmitry Popov
All Ukrainians who are currently experiencing war
Russian citizens
Mr Putin (pray that his delusions will be pacified and he will stop the war and aggression)
May all sentient beings affected have a speedy recovery and lead a normal life. May Medicine Buddha remove all their pains and sufferings. Om Ah Hum.
Sherryn from Brisbane
Maureen Lillie
Ben Atchison
Mandi Smith
Soo Kim Moy (who died on 6th March in an accident – mother of Jennie Chen)

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