Geshe Zopa’s Spring Wildflowers

Geshe Zopa’s Spring Wildflowers

Geshe Tenzin Zopa is a photographer, flower lover, humanitarian, and teacher. We present his latest photographs of the beautiful wildflowers of a Western Australian spring.

Geshe Tenzin Zopa near the Tsum Valley in the Himalaya

He is known worldwide as a teacher of Buddhism, humanitarian and participant in multi-faith events. However, he is less well-known as an avid photographer and nature lover. Geshe Zopa has a keen eye, and a love of flowers and the environment.

In spring this year, Geshe Zopa shared a picnic at King’s Park in Perth, Australia, with a group of students from the Hayagriva Buddhist centre and their pets. The gathering made many flower offerings. The south-east coast of Western Australia is renowned for its beautiful swathes of wildflowers, and is usually inundated with tourists at this time. Because of COVID restrictions however, numbers have been much smaller this year.

We offer this assortment of Geshela’s pictures of beautiful native Australian wildflowers.

At the flower offering event, Geshela explained the 10 benefits of offering flowers to holy beings:

10 benefits of flower offerings:

One becomes like a flower in the
The sense of smell will never degenerate.
One will never have bad body odour.
A smell of scented nectar will come
from the body.
The smell of the morality of the person will spread in all directions.
One will be a leader of the world.
One will achieve beautiful attractive
One will have great wealth.
One will be reborn in a higher rebirth.
One will quickly achieve the sorrowless state of enlightenment.

Owen Cole wrote about, and shared pictures of the event.

Geshe Tenzin Zopa at the FPMT Australia National Meeting, Karuna Hospice, in 2015

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