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November 12 @ 10:00AM 12:00PM Australia/hOBART

With renowned Buddhist scholar and teacher, Sonam Thakchoe

This year’s Sutra to be explored is The Noble Application Of Mindfulness of the Sacred Dharma kindly accessed via 84,000 Translate 

Please join us to explore and study this wonderful text with us. Session 6 : For preparation, please continue reviewing Chapter 2:  – Mindfulness of Experience  ~ and onwards We will look forward to your participation in the discussion and bring along your questions for this topic. Please complete reading Chapters 1 -3 n full for review 

Sonam will depend on our review and questions for interactive discussions during the 2-hour monthly session instead of commenting on each  verse by verse.

The epic discourse of The Application of Mindfulness of the Sacred Dharma (AMSD) unfolds as a single, sustained reply to a short question that is put to the Buddha Śākyamuni as the sūtra opens. A group of newly ordained monks have been challenged by the members of another religious group, who suggest that the Buddha’s teachings are indistinguishable from those of their own teacher.

Not knowing how to reply, the monks request that the Buddha explain how the path of the sacred Dharma is unlike any other. As the Buddha responds to the monks, he describes the path from the perspective of an adept meditating monk, who applies the Dharma teachings correctly and so discovers the truths of the Dharma. In an account that spans the full spectrum of life in saṃsāra, from the horrifying misery and intense pain of the lower realms to the enrapturing beauty and bliss in the heavens, the Buddha explains how different kinds of physical, verbal, and mental behaviour of humans lead to rebirth in such realms of existence. PLEASE Continue  HERE in the Reading Room 

Sonam Thakchoe