A treasury of practices and resources

We offer specific materials that we have curated on the popular topics of loving-kindness, compassion, mindfulness, overcoming fear and deity practices.

At this difficult and painful time in the world, there is much that is available online for the student interested in Buddhism and meditation. We have gathered other diverse resources that we felt might be helpful to people in lockdown, those who might be feeling isolated, or those needing inspiration and spiritual nourishment.

Explore a variety of loving-kindness practices, meditations and resources.

Explore a diverse range of practices for cultivating compassion.

Explore mindfulness, or shamatha practices.

Explore advice and practices to overcome fear and anxiety.

Explore a range of deity meditations, visualisations and mantras.

Enjoy inspiring films and documentaries with a Tibetan Buddhist theme.

Enjoy uplifting and calming Buddhist chanting of mantra and prayers as well as music.

Explore a range of sutra recitations and advice.