Guru Bhumtsok 2017

Geshe Tenzin Zopa to lead a 100,000 Tsog Offering to Guru Rinpoche event on Saka Dawa

9th – 11th June 2017 in Hobart, Tasmania

Information updated 16th February 2017

Guru Rinpoche 2
Guru Rinpoche
Puja leader, Geshe Tenzin Zopa
Our precious Guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche


This landmark event – called Guru Bhumtsok – will bring together FPMT students across Australia and the region to make 100,000 Tsog offerings for the long and healthy life of our precious Guru, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, as well as His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is a practice strongly recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche to bring harmony to countries and conflicts and so at this difficult time in the world’s history we make offerings for World Peace. For more information visit this link.

Geshe Tenzin Zopa, who will lead the puja, recently met with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche to receive His blessing for the success of the Guru Bhumtsok event in Australia on Saka Dawa. He said,

Rinpoche is extremely pleased and added that this great practice will also help to clear obstacles and bring conducive conditions for each and every individual; the centres and projects and the whole of FPMT, it is so beneficial.’

Sponsorship of the Tsok offerings will be available to enable people everywhere to create the merit of offering for our precious Gurus’ long and healthy lives, no matter whether they can attend or not. See below on this page for details on how to donate now.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has lauded Padmasambhava’s contributions to Buddhism and humanity: “Due to Padmasambhava’s great compassion, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism flourished in Tibet and now has spread throughout the entire world. Because of that, so many people have experienced the path to enlightenment and achieved enlightenment. Due to his great compassion, the lives of infinite number of sentient beings have become meaningful.”

It is hoped that the funds raised can be used to fund sangha who serve in our centres to participate in future teaching events and to enable centres and projects to follow our precious teacher, Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s specific advice on beneficial practices. We hope to establish a fund to enable the holding of future national events and the commissioning of a Guru Rinpoche 2 story thangka as advised by Rinpoche.  Rinpoche will visit Australia in 2018 and it is hoped that he may be able to attend a future Guru Bhumtsok.

The Guru Bhumtsog is organised by FPMT National Office Australia with help from Spiritual Program Coordinators across Australia, and will be hosted by Chag Tong Chen Tong Centre, Hobart.


Participants come together to chant prayers to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) with accompanying drums, cymbals and musical instruments. The puja is open to anyone, no matter their experience, and the tunes and prayer will be taught at the event. It is an uplifting puja with intentions made to connect deeply to our precious Gurus, and overcome the negativity in our minds and the external world. The space will be brimming with beautiful thangkas and a huge altar containing 100,000 offerings of Tsok (food). Incense, lights and flowers will also be offered, and there will be a special ceremony to offer Sur to the pretas.


Registrations are now open. Email to register for this event and confirm a place now. Places are limited.


The puja will commence early Friday evening 9th June and finish Sunday evening 11th June.


The event is by donation only. Tsok offerings are available for sponsorship. We rely on the generosity of benefactors and students to hold the event which will cost almost $20,000 to organise.This will fund the cost of the 100,000 beautiful tsok offerings, the flowers, incense, lights, room hire, transport, and hopefully subsidise sangha participation.


When you become a benefactor by sponsoring Turquoise, Coral or Pearl Tsok packages you can write a Special Dedication to go on your Tsok package and the altar at this event.

tsog turquoise 6
Turquoise sponsorship: Associated with Akshobhya Buddha, the light blue that Buddhists meditate upon is no better represented than by turquoise. It holds the wisdom of the earth and sky within it, embodying the duality of living and dying. The gradual shift of turquoise’s colour from blue to green as it is worn signifies the development of wisdom as well as the cycle of life and death. Turquoise helps us to remember the preciousness of this human life.
tsog coral GR
Coral sponsorship: Associated with Amitabha Buddha, red transforms the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment. Coral is one of the five sacred stones of Tibetan Buddhists, and symbolises the energy of the life force. The colour red is auspicious in Tibetan culture. It is a sacred colour, one of the colours of the five Buddhas and the colour of the sangha’s garments. Red protects us and helps us overcome our attachments.
tsog pearl
Pearl sponsorship: White is associated with the Buddha Vairocana and represents the transformation of the delusion of ignorance into the wisdom of reality. The white of snow or burning metal can be life threatening and can remind us of death and the end of things. Thus Tara in her form which grants longevity is depicted as white hued (White Tara). She is ‘the one who leads us beyond the darkness of bondage’ – the bondage of our ignorance.












chocs mint20-flower-wallpaper.previewincense_stick_burning

Turquoise Tsok offerings will contain 100 pieces of tsok, including the highest quality                                                                   chocolates, sweets, biscuits and nuts. OFFERING $343

Coral Tsok offerings will contain 55 pieces of tsok including the highest quality chocolates,                                                          sweets, biscuits and nuts.                    OFFERING $196

Pearl Tsok Offerings will contain 30 pieces of tsok, including the highest quality chocolates,                                                            sweets, biscuits and nuts.                    OFFERING $108

We are  also appreciative of any amount that you can donate towards the sponsorship of this huge event.

Regardless of the size of the offering, all people supporting the Three Jewels out of love and compassion are benefited by generating these precious qualities, by receiving the prayers and blessings of the sangha, and in turn, the activities of the Triple Gem are increasingly uplifted and strengthened by the generosity of practitoners and their contributions… thank you so much for your great kindness.


You can either donate by direct bank transfer         BSB 062194       A/C 10490133    Commonwealth bank.
If you choose this option please email so we can send you a receipt and ensure your dedication is recorded.

or by PayPal – click the Donate button below.


Breakfast, snacks and Saturday lunch will be sold at the venue at reasonable prices, as well as coffee from a barista van. On Sunday the Tibetan community of Hobart and Chag Tong Chen Tong will be offering a delicious mo-mo lunch at no cost.


A bus will be available to take participants to and from the centre of Hobart to the venue for around $13 per day.


Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit, popular with both overseas and local tourists for its pure air, ancient forests, mountain and coastal wilderness and fresh produce. As Saka Dawa also falls on the Queen’s Birthday public holiday weekend, it is recommended that accommodation is booked as soon as possible as it is booking up fast. A list of reasonably priced accommodation follows:


Geshe Tenzin Zopa will hold teachings on Monday 12th June (a public holiday) from 1.30pm – 5pm. Why not stay an extra day? Topic to be announced soon.

All enquiries regarding the Guru Bhumtsok can be made to