Guru Bhumtsok 2017

Special National Puja event in Tasmania, led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa
Guru Bhumtsok for World Peace
9th – 11th June 2017, Hobart

Information updated 29 April 2017
Guru Rinpoche 2Tas 3


‘’World Peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence.
Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.”
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Everyone welcome

For the first time in our region, this landmark event called Guru Bhumtsok (or 100,000 Tsok Offerings to Guru Rinpoche) will be held in the beautiful city of Hobart. Tibetan Buddhists and members of the Hobart community, as well as visitors to the city’s Dark Mofo winter arts festival, are all invited to attend to participate in this powerful and uplifting practice aimed at cultivating World Peace.

Everyone will be warmly welcomed to any or all of the weekend puja’s sessions (more info below) and entrance is free or by a donation of your choice. A puja is a special ceremony in which prayers are offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings or invoke their help.For the Tibetan Buddhist students who are attending, we will also be offering this practice for the long and healthy lives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and all of our precious teachers.

Your visit to Hobart and Tasmania

For interstate or overseas visitors, we recommend taking a few extra days to take advantage of Tasmania’s beautiful landscapes, wilderness areas or world-class restaurants and cosy cafes, featuring award-winning fresh produce.If you have only just heard about the event and wish to attend, staying a few extra days might lessen the cost of flights! Visit Discover Tasmania for more info here.

Below we have links to a variety of economical accommodation options. Sharing with others in an Airbnb or Stayz, for example, will help to reduce costs. In the case of our FPMT students, contact the Spiritual Program Coordinator at your centre or study group, who can help put you in contact with other students attending. This will help people to share transport from the airport for example. For people coming from interstate or overseas we particularly need you to register asap by emailing This will help us to help you with accommodation and transport issues as well as help us to plan for catering.

Accommodation and Transport

Tas 10HobartFor backpacker and hostels options click here. For apartment options click here.
To look at share house options visit Hobart Stayz here.
For Bed and Breakfasts in Hobart click here.
Shuttle buses operate between Airport and Hobart accommodations for every departure and arrival of mainland flights.
The cost is $19 per adult, child $15.

 What will the puja entail?

The puja will be held at the Kickstart Arts centre, Building 1831 South, St Johns Ave New Town, Hobart. The event is being organised by FPMT in Australia, hosted by Chag Tong Chen Tong Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre, Hobart, and partnered by Kickstart Arts . Kickstart Arts have generously helped to fund this event, which will feature a light show, a beautiful and spacious lit dome enclosing a 3 metre Buddha which will be gold-leafed, surrounded by abundant offerings of lights and tsa-tsas, a huge altar inside the venue of beautifully wrapped Tsok (food) offerings, thangkas and art displays of holy objects, and flowers and incense.

All visitors will be warmly welcomed, provided with a book of prayers and made to feel included in the uplifting puja which entails the use of Tibetan musical instruments, and the chanting of a special short prayer. There will be a large weather-proof marquis outside in the garden for people needing to take children out or to gather during the break times. Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June will commence at 6am and finish at 6pm, but participants are welcome to come and go to various sessions as suits. Friday 9th June, which Tibetan Buddhists celebrate as Saka Dawa, will commence at 5.30pm with a special opening and then the first session. Geshe Tenzin Zopa – featured in the film ‘Unmistaken Child – will be leading the puja.

Entrance is free or by donation of your choice. We rely on sponsorships to run the event. Sponsors create positive benefit through financially helping the event to occur, with the further benefit of any additional funds raised being used for the support of sangha (nuns and monks) and FPMTA spiritual program coordinators to participate in spiritual events, as well as the undertaking of future national practices such as Guru Bhumtsoks. (Please see info below on how to become a sponsor).

Why Guru Bhumtsok?

Guru Bhumtsok (or 100,000 Tsok Offerings) is a practice strongly recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche,  FPMT’s Spiritual Director, to bring harmony to countries and conflicts, and so at this difficult time in the world’s history we all come together to undertake this puja.We also offer for the long and healthy lives of our precious teachers.

Tsok means gathering. We gather together the things we’re offering, and we ourselves gather together to do the practice. Gathering together with other practitioners, concentrating our minds into the same space, gives us great inspiration.Making beautiful and extensive offerings encourages people to practice and create merit. Anyone who is having difficulties in their job or business and doesn’t have time to do offerings at home could sponsor offerings.”  Lama Yeshe, FPMT Founder

Hobart’s winter solstice arts festival will run between 8th – 21st June. It is therefore a fitting time for the holding of a puja such as the Guru Bhumtsok, which aims to bring the light of human compassion within all of us to be manifested for the cultivation of World Peace, and to overcome the darkness of suffering of all sentient beings, including animals. For more info on the benefits of the Guru Bhumtsok click here.

HH Dalai Lama
Lama Zopa Rinpoche on the day Thubten Rigsel Rinpoche was enthroned - Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal; Photographer: Losang Sherab
Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Saka Dawa

Saka Dawa is one of the four great holy days of the Tibetan calendar, commemorating Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing into parinirvana. Positive actions undertaken during Saka Dawa are tremendously multiplied in their power. Therefore the Guru Bhumtsok puja has been scheduled for Saka Dawa, and, it is believed, will bring about the maximum benefit.

We need you to register

We are requesting people to register to help us with catering and planning. Please email to register for this event and confirm a place now.

Become a sponsor for as little as $5

Turquoise, Coral and Pearl Tsok Packages

When you become a benefactor by sponsoring Turquoise, Coral or Pearl Tsok packages you can write a Special Dedication to go on your Tsok package and the altar at this event.

tsog turquoise 6
Turquoise sponsorship: Associated with Akshobhya Buddha, the light blue that Buddhists meditate upon is no better represented than by turquoise. It holds the wisdom of the earth and sky within it, embodying the duality of living and dying. The gradual shift of turquoise’s colour from blue to green as it is worn signifies the development of wisdom as well as the cycle of life and death. Turquoise helps us to remember the preciousness of this human life.
tsog coral GR
Coral sponsorship: Associated with Amitabha Buddha, red transforms the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment. Coral is one of the five sacred stones of Tibetan Buddhists, and symbolises the energy of the life force. The colour red is auspicious in Tibetan culture. It is a sacred colour, one of the colours of the five Buddhas and the colour of the sangha’s garments. Red protects us and helps us overcome our attachments.
tsog pearl
Pearl sponsorship: White is associated with the Buddha Vairocana and represents the transformation of the delusion of ignorance into the wisdom of reality. The white of snow or burning metal can be life threatening and can remind us of death and the end of things. Thus Tara in her form which grants longevity is depicted as white hued (White Tara). She is ‘the one who leads us beyond the darkness of bondage’ – the bondage of our ignorance.












Turquoise Tsok offerings will contain 100 pieces of tsok, including the highest quality chocolates, sweets, biscuits and nuts.

Coral Tsok offerings will contain 55 pieces of tsok including the highest quality chocolates, sweets, biscuits and nuts.

Pearl Tsok Offerings will contain 30 pieces of tsok, including the highest quality chocolates, sweets, biscuits and nuts.

butter lamps

Tealights $5 offering

In addition tealights (any number) can be sponsored which will be used in a special light offering practice that will be done over the weekend.

We are  also appreciative of any amount that you can donate towards the sponsorship of this huge event. Regardless of the size of the offering, all people sponsoring the Guru Bhumtsok puja for World Peace out of love and compassion are benefited by generating these precious qualities within their inner and outer environments… thank you so much for your great kindness.

Please note that in the unlikely event that the puja is cancelled we can not guarantee the return of your donation.


You can donate by direct bank transfer
BSB 062194       A/C 10490133
Commonwealth bank
When the page asks for name insert : FPMTA

If you choose this option please email so we can send you a receipt and ensure your dedication is recorded.

We are currently working on our Paypal option due to some technical difficulties. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon.

Food and Session Times

Breakfast, snacks and Saturday lunch will be sold at the venue at reasonable prices, as well as plunger coffee, chai and tea. On Sunday the Tibetan community of Hobart and Chag Tong Chen Tong Tibetan Buddhist Centre will be offering a delicious mo-mo lunch at no cost.

Session times for Saturday and Sunday: 6am – 7.15am, 8am – 10am, 10.30am – 12 noon, 1.30pm – 3pm,     3.30pm – 6pm (includes Sur offering practice).
Friday night: Opening ceremony at 5.30pm, Chai and tea at 6pm, first session 6.30 – 8pm


Those who have registered will be emailed by Stephanie to see if they wish to book a bus that will get them to the first session on the Saturday and Sunday at 6am. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the airport and their accommodations. We will try our best to match people up at the event if they wish to share taxis etc.

Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s Monday teaching 12th June

Geshe Tenzin Zopa will hold teachings at the venue on Monday 12th June (a public holiday) from 1.30pm – 5pm. Why not stay an extra day? The teaching topic is Ask The Geshe:an informal class that will provide an opportunity for both new and old students to bring along any questions that they wish to ask. Chag Tong Cheg Tong Tibetan Buddhist Centre, who are hosting the teaching event, have also requested an explanation from Geshe Tenzin Zopa on The Benefits of Reciting Sutras (or the Buddha’s own words). Afternoon tea will be provided. Entry is free or by donation of your choice.

All enquiries regarding the Guru Bhumtsok can be made to

FPMTA National Office wishes to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Kickstart Arts, Hobart.


FPMTA National Office would like to pay respect to the traditional and original owners of the land on which the Guru Bhumtsok will take place, the muwinina (mou wee nee nar) people, to pay respect to those that have passed before us, and to acknowledge today’s Tasmanian Aboriginal community who are the custodians of the land.