Guru Bhumtsok 2018

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Rejoice in a wonderful Guru Bhumtsok 2018! Visit this link for 2019 Guru Bhumtsok

Find out all about our 2019 Guru Bhumtsok in Adelaide by visiting this page and register now. Here are a some pictures of last year’s Guru Bhumtsok from our wonderful professional photographer, Markus Ravik

Thank you to all sponsors for your incredible generosity, all those who participated, and to Chag Tong Chen Tong Tibetan Buddhist Meditation centre lovely volunteers.

Participants including children and drums
The 3 Geshes – Geshe Rabten (r), Geshe Tenzin Zopa (l) and Geshe Tsultrim (back)
So honoured to have the Geshes attend – wonderful Geshe Rabten
Peter Stickels, FPMTA National Coordinator welcomes everyone
it was incredible to see so much generosity towards our dear sangha
cymbals by Geshe Zopa, our puja leader, with wonderful Geshe Phuntsok Tsultrim facing
a chance for sangha to catch up over delicious lunch by CTCT volunteers
Geshe Rabten (l), Venerables Rigsel (c) and Tongnyi (r)
CTCT’s beautiful Golden Buddha was gold leafed
light and incense offerings
Martin Watson Walker (r) artist, oversaw the gold leafing
Mandala offering to HH Dalai Lama’s throne, Venerable Lindy and Peter Stickels
some of the many sangha and Geshes who attended
view from the back
Miffi Maximillion makes an offering to HH Dalai Lama’s throne
some of the khatags offered to HHDL’s throne